Exchanges, Marketplaces, and Hubs

Diamax marketplaces generate exponentially more revenue, and attract more new members than any other buyer's guide solution.  We get results because of the way we combine content, community, and directory profiles, to drive customer journeys in context. Why wait another year?  Milieu JumpStart is a turnkey implementation process that will transform your old directory into a vibrant marketplace in as little as 2 weeks, including data migration!  We also offer tailored interfaces, seamless integration, and custom business features, as well as all the strategic services and support you would expect of a team that has been implementing directories, content management solutions, and collaboration systems for over 2 decades.

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Sometimes you just need a great directory to improve access to the right people or organizations.  Regardless of what or who you want to organize into a directory that can be searched, sorted, filtered, and poured over a million ways, Milieu can handle it, and Diamax has probably seen it. Milieu directories can stand alone or be embedded into your existing website, including integration with your AMS, CRM, content management system, or custom database.

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Nomination Systems

Diamax expertise extends beyond the directory itself, into the business processes that are required to select the people, organizations, and things that belong there. We offer standardized Milieu solutions as well as custom applications tailored to support the nomination of new members, event participants, award recipients, project ideas, and more.  Improve your organization and operation by streamlining your nomination, balloting, and selection processes with a Diamax nomination solution.

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Consensus Management Systems

Our most advanced solutions help our clients manage business processes involving consensus building among thousands of committee members, project teams, and other groups collaborating remotely. Milieu is powerful enough to be customized to support these complex, distributed operations. Think ERP for NGOs, professional societies, and think tanks...

Distributed Project Teams
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Policy Committees
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